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Creditfixrr is a DIY Credit software that enables consumers to fix their own credit. We provide you the Knowledge, Tools, Resources & the Dispute Flows to help you achieve the Credit Scores that you desire!

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Creditfixrr Self Features

  1. Import Credit Report: IdentityIQ, SmartCredit® & MyScoreIQ.
  2. Automated Credit Analysis Report.
  3. General Removal Letters: Bankruptcy, Medical Bills, Reposessions, Late Payments, Inquiry, Collections, Charge-Offs & More.
  4. Metro-2 Compliance Flow: Automated Compliance Checker.
  5. Adminstrative Process: Cease & Desist, Debt-Validation, Affidavit Of Truth + Common Violations & More.

    Creditfixrr Self Tools

  1. Send Certified Mail, Fax or Download Letters.
  2. Dispute Letter Tracker: Track & Manage Your Dispute Letters.
  3. Remedy Invoice Generator
  4. Dispute Email Reminders.
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Creditfixrr Family Features

  1. (Everything in Creditfixrr Self)
  2. This plan allows: YOU + 3-FREE friend or family invitations.

    Creditfixrr Family Tools

  1. (Everything in Creditfixrr Self)

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Creditfixrr Business Features

  1. Unlimited Leads.
  2. 1,000 Active Clients.
  3. Unlimited File Storage.
  4. Import Client Credit Report: IdentityIQ, SmartCredit® & MyScoreIQ.
  5. Up To 3 Team Members: Hire VA's & Build A Winning Team.
  6. Private Label Client Portal: Clients Access Personalized Business Portal.

    Creditfixrr Business Tools

  1. Import/Upload Clients: Transfer All Your Clients from another Software.
  2. SMS/Text Clients: Send Reminders & Updates.
  3. In-App Chat w/ Clients: (Coming Soon).
  4. Webhook Automation:(Coming Soon).
  5. Trained VA's:(Coming Soon).